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  1. For sale: uConnect Controllers NIB Pair

    Parts And Accessories
    I needed the headphones and not the controllers, let me know if your interested, $30 each, $50 for the pair. Plus shipping
  2. uConnect Headphone Warranty Service

    Just wanted to relay my recent experience when I had both of my headphones repaired via the Aptiv Headphone Warranty as a result of the broken battery latch. For those with an active warranty - here are the steps: Send an e-mail to [email protected] asking them for warranty service on your...
  3. Pacifica with 4 inch or 7 inch upgrade to 8.4 inch screen

    2017+ Chrysler Pacifica Minivan General Discussion
    I am looking to buying a Chrysler Pacifica. Probably 2017 or 2018. Something I am very interested on is the Uconnect 8.4 inch screen with Apple CarPlay. There is a big difference in price between the Pacifica with the 4 inch or 7 inch and the Pacifica with the 8.4 inch. Would it be better to...
  4. 2GPS Time Incorrect/GPS Way Off (2017 Pacifica)

    2017+ Chrysler Pacifica Minivan General Discussion
    Hello - starting yesterday (12/15/19), all of a sudden my time is not even close to right (I have it using GPS time) and my nav seems to have no idea where I am (sometimes it is close - sometimes it shows I'm in the river, but it rarely is on a road anymore, and sometimes it thinks I am driving...
  5. 2017 8.4 Uconnect Nav going the wrong direction

    Chrysler Pacifica Minivan Issues And Problems
    Recently I looked at my nav screen and it was off by about 30 miles and traveling in the wrong direction. That night, after turning the van off, it reset to the correct location but wrong direction once again. Now everytime I start driving it is going the wrong direction - very annoying. Is...
  6. Media USB working intermittently

    Chrysler Pacifica Minivan Issues And Problems
    I just bought a 2018 Chrysler Pacifica Touring L. It was used with 22K miles. Over the past 24 hours I am able to intermittently get the media usb port below the radio and to the left of the aux port working. On occasion when I plug my iphone or my wife's android into the media USB port, apply...
  7. Anyone tried Navtools?

    2017+ Chrysler Pacifica Minivan General Discussion
    Has anyone "upgraded" their 2017 8.4 Uconnect with this device to get full Apple Carplay? This forum does not allow me to post links so just google search for "dodge-durango-2014-2018-apple-carplay"
  8. Uconnect headsets not working?

    Hi Guys, just purchased my 2017 Pacifica used from the dealership (it was their garage car for a year) and finally got around to trying to fire up the Uconnect headsets that come with the system. So far as I understand these are IR and should just connect to whichever set that are behind (IE...
  9. Uconnect + Android Auto = RC 8

    Chrysler Pacifica Minivan Issues And Problems
    So we have had our 2019 pacifica hybrid minivan for a few days and are mostly happy. Only a couple issues: 1. the center console is terrible, how can Chrysler make such a backward change to a basic feature. I can't imagine anyone asked for a center console with no storage? Bizarre. 2...
  10. Phone bluetooth connections get removed after being paired

    I have a 2018 Pacifica 8.4 display without navigation. Phones are Moto G5's When I first picked up the van from the dealer new a few months ago the time was off by 4 hours and could not be changed. The dealer replace the radio which fixed that problem. But I immediately noticed that the van...
  11. Android Auto won't use the vehicle's GPS Antenna anymore.

    Chrysler Pacifica Minivan Issues And Problems
    After the July 2018 uConnect update, Google Maps on Android Auto in my gas 2018 Limited stopped using the vehicle's GPS antenna. It started when my wife and I still had our Galaxy S8/S9, and has continued when we got our Pixel 3s in November. When connected to the car and Google Maps is in use...
  12. New 2018 broke down after driving off the lot

    Chrysler Pacifica Minivan Issues And Problems
    I've noticed a couple folks mentioning Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve issues and decided to add our experience. We bought a new 2018 Limited back in February of 2018. My wife was the one to do the test drive. She mentioned that it felt a little sluggish, but not having driven a larger...
  13. Uconnect issues (carplay and android not connecting)

    Chrysler Pacifica Minivan Issues And Problems
    Hey guys, I bought my Pacifica 2018 Touring plus today. At the dealership during the showing, the sales guy's cell phone carplay connected ok. Once, purchase was done and I was about to take it out, my android couldn't connect and neither any of the apple phones also at the dealership. I...
  14. Uconnect 8.4

    Chrysler Pacifica Minivan Issues And Problems
    My Uconnect has locked on the phone screen several times. Seems like after I place a call or receive one. Is there a soft reset while driving? So far the only solution is turning off the car for over 5 minutes. 2017 Pacifica Tour L Plus - Purchased New July 20th 650 miles Currently. Updated...
  15. Infotainment System Issues- theater and surround camera

    2017+ Pacifica PHEV Hybrid Maintenance And Service
    So I'm wondering if anybody has some advice. I've had my 2018 PacHy for about 3 months now and we are loving it, except for one (two-ish) persistent issues. The on-screen buttons in the surround camera system don't always work. I can get in, but can't change the view or exit. I either have to...
  16. 2nd Row Uconnect Screen is dead.

    Chrysler Pacifica Minivan Issues And Problems
    I brought my 2018 Hybrid to the dealer today, 126 miles on the ODO. Passenger side Uconnect screen is not working, does not power on at all. The other one is fine. Diagnosed it and determined that the screen needs to be replaced. They're not even sure if that will fix it. Part ordered, dealer...
  17. Uconnect Theatre stops working when lights turned on

    2017+ Chrysler Pacifica Minivan General Discussion
    I just bought a used 2017 chrysler pacifica limited and the uconnect theatre stops working in only ONE of the back monitors as soon as the headlights are turned on (auto or manual). I can't find anything where someone else has had this issue, can anyone here shed some light on this for me and...
  18. 2018 Chrysler Pacific PHEV check engine light/emissions leak? and other glitches

    2017+ Pacifica PHEV Hybrid Maintenance And Service
    We've had our 2018 Chrysler Pacifica PHEV since late December and now have approximately 7100 miles on it. We've had our check engine light come on twice (once in March and again yesterday). Both times we took it into our local Chrysler dealership. We live in truck and SUV country--we purchased...
  19. audio pop when system powers on

    2017+ Chrysler Pacifica PHEV Hybrid General Discus
    Hi all, We have a 2018 Touring L with the standard 8.4 Uconnect (no NAV) and overhead DVD player. No 'theater' system, just the basics. Every time the audio system powers on there is a loud 'pop' from the speakers. This mostly happens when we open the driver's door and the van has been powered...
  20. 2018 Hybrid- Uconnect Theater says No Disc when DVD is inserted.

    This has happened several times and it has fixed itself upon the next vehicle start prior to this last occurrence which has now lasted 5 days. I will insert a DVD, select Media icon, but it says No Disc at the top of the screen. It's just black. No option appears to select Disc or anything. But...