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  1. Pacifica 2020 Single Rear Overhead DVD System (not theater system), USB files, Movie format

    Hi folks, I have new Pacifica Touring 2020 van with Single Rear Overhead DVD System (not theater system). This is the DVD system on the ceiling of 2nd row seating and not theater system with behind-the-seat screens. My overhead system plays DVD fine. It has USB and HDMI ports on the back side...
  2. Media USB working intermittently

    Chrysler Pacifica Minivan Issues And Problems
    I just bought a 2018 Chrysler Pacifica Touring L. It was used with 22K miles. Over the past 24 hours I am able to intermittently get the media usb port below the radio and to the left of the aux port working. On occasion when I plug my iphone or my wife's android into the media USB port, apply...
  3. Overhead DVD Questions

    Good morning all, Proud owner of a 2019 Pacifica Touring. Love the minivan and how it drives. My only nit is with the DVD player. Some questions for the group and Chrysler. - Is there an actual manual that states how to use USB functions and playback specs? - Is there a way to continue...
  4. USB music song order

    So, I'm trying to listen to a musical in my van with the USB. If I sort by Playlist, it plays alphabetically. If I sort by album, it plays "song 1, disc 1...song 1, disc 2..song 2 disc 1" and so on. It's story line chaos. I tried plugging the USB in my computer to change the order to no avail. I...
  5. Uconnect Autoplay?

    Howdy! I filled a hard drive full of media for the rear entertainment. (got the hard drive formatted and all videos playable thanks to this forum!!! :laugh: ) However, I created some subfolders to keep a few of the kid's cartoons organized (TV Shows and Movies). But one of the shows is 11...