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1 out of 2 backseat screens not working

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We own a 2019 Hybrid Limited and have the issue that the back seat screen (driver side) functions about 10% of the time. The other one works fine. It's been for this about 6 months now. Tried a number of things including all the resets etc and replacing fuse 55, but no structural improvement.

I'm at a loss here, and since we imported this car to Europe we don't have a dealer here who knows this car and can help us out. Any other options we can try?

Thanks in advance!
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It doesn't turn on 9 times out of 10 when 'opening' the screen. Sometimes it works for a few minutes but then shuts off again. A loose connector could be the problem, but is that something I can check (and solve) myself easily?

Appreciate the help!
It has been noted by other forum users that in the colder weather months the pressure switch that cuts power to the screens when closed will get stuck and will not actuate properly when opening. In my T&C, and all T&Cs for that matter, if opened and closed too many times, the ribbon cable would break causing the screen to not work anymore and the entire unit would need to be replaced or taken apart and the ribbon cable replaced. After my experience with those screens, I have never closed them in the Pacifica since owning it as I knew too many open and closes could potentially cause various problems like my T&C. It is disgusting these Uconnect screens failing by opening and closing have not been figured out over the past decade and with the design changes, it is just another problem.
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