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1st World Problems.... 3rd row screen?

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We are ready to pull the trigger on a new Pacifica with UConnect Theater. Our last van was a '15 T&C with overhead DVD, and all 5 kids (aged 5-14) had relatively equal view to the video.

Seatback screens (with cool touch screen apps) give unfair advantage to middle row (our kids have 'assigned seats' in the van...). We've considered adding the Mopar overhead as a 3rd screen for more equitable viewing area in 3rd row. But it looks so much crappier than the headliner overhead screens in our T&C! Like someone just screwed a portable DVD player into the top of the brand new van.

Now we're looking at buying another 2014 or 2015 T&C. Le Sigh.

FWIW, I really want the Advanced Safety Tech package, especially since we totaled the T&C and THANK GOD no one was seriously hurt. Safety is paramount, but I fear for the safety of everyone in the van if there's not fair DVD viewing...

Le sigh. Does anyone have a solution I'm not thinking of??
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I have a Pacifica Limited with the second row screens and it's definitely a problem

with only 2 grand kids visiting. Why?

The grand kids take over the second row seats because of the screens and the parents

have to sit in the third row when they all visit.

The good news is that they are all (kids and parents) involved with the interactive screens,

although it can get a little noisy.

I still own a 2012 Town and County with the dual DVD screens which accommodates

all passengers .... but grand kids don't want to ride in it because of the interactive screens

in the Pacifica.

Good Luck....
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Thanks... I can't imagine that more people don't have this problem. I wish Pacifica had the same option for DVD config as was in the dual T&C!
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