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Went and picked up a Black Limited Deep Mocha interior with UConnect and Advanced Safety. Front/Rear splash guards and Weathertech front mats in Cocoa are on order. So far we are loving it. It's our first van but we are absolutely loving having sliding doors (especially hands free/Key fob). It was raining yesterday and the wife and I were able to get the kids and groceries into the car in record time with our hands full. Only issues so far has been the UConnect screens, switching inputs for the rear screens from the front doesn't seem to work, and the front screen getting stuck on the UConnect boot up screen. Actually had to stop the car and turn it off and restart it to clear the issue. Will be digging around the UConnect pages on here to see what we can do. Also, we drive mostly city driving and only got 17-18 MPG on the first tank of gas, that's slightly frustrating. See you all around! I will probably post pics once I get a nice day to give her a bath.
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