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20" rims

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My Limited with 20" rims arrived at the dealer today. The rims look totally different than on Chrysler's build website. Rather than having bright surfaces and dark interior they look more like a two tone gray. I am so disssatified with how the car looks, I'm not accepting delivery. Did Chrysler switch to a different rim and not update their webpage?
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I only drove a total of 79 miles on the 18" Wheels before installing the 20" Wheels. The average mpg for those 79 miles on the 18" was just under 15 & trending slightly downward. I reset Average Fuel Economy after switching to 20" & average mpg now between 17-19 & trending slightly upward (same distance, same Stop & Go driving). Never weighed the 18" or the 20" (both feel about same weight w/ mounted tires though). Only difference I know for sure is the 18" 245/60R18's were factory set to 40-41 PSI & 20" 245/50R20's set to 36-37 PSI. But with only 79 total miles on the 18" I'll never really know unless I switch them back & compare both with at least 1,000 miles for a more realistic comparison but highly unlikely I'll be motivated enough to do it, lol. I'm not stating 20" get better mpg than 18" by any stretch. Perhaps the Factory set PSI of 40-41 on the 18" Rims is why mpg was lower? Had I adjusted the 18" to 36-37 PSI my mpg might have been higher?
You nailed it on the city driving killing mpg for sure especially w/ AWD!
Did you also reset the MPG when you first picked up the vehicle to drive those 79 miles? If not, the time idling from the factory floor to any testing and to storage is going to be included in your 15 MPG average figure.
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