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20" rims

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My Limited with 20" rims arrived at the dealer today. The rims look totally different than on Chrysler's build website. Rather than having bright surfaces and dark interior they look more like a two tone gray. I am so disssatified with how the car looks, I'm not accepting delivery. Did Chrysler switch to a different rim and not update their webpage?
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I put 20s on our hybrid. I liked the stock 20s from the limited, but they were very expensive. I found a set off of a Jeep Grand Cherokee with similar specs to the Limited wheel and think they look nice. I will now use the stock 18s as winter wheels. As for range, I am sure on the highway it will reduce it due to increased drag, but most of my driving is around town and I don't think the added weight will reduce it too much. I wish this car showed average energy consumption when on electric (Watt hours/mile or something) vs. just MPG. It would be much easier to see changes in efficiency.
What year is the Jeep you got them from? Wondering what vehicles I could choose 20“ wheels from that will fit my 2017 limited
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