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For the gray-painted areas of the wheel (inside edges); not for the S package wheels. I've been burned before in that I get my vehicle back from service, and there are scratches or dents or gouges that weren't there before, so I take pictures of my wheels and all doors and bumpers just outside the shop. So anyway, I took my Pac into the dealer for the V53 recall and, w/just over 8K on the clock after an October '18 purchase, decided to go ahead and get the oil changed and tires rotated. So John Q. NASCAR wannabe in the shop needed to show his prowess with the quick-star and gouged up good the paint around many of the boltholes. I talked to the manager and he was, unbelievably, a bit belligerent and generally came across as if it was I who has intruded on his day.

TLDR, dealer gouged up my wheels, I don't trust them to fix it, so I need the gray paint code for the wheels that come with the 20" wheel & tire package. TIA
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