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20" Wheels for 2021 Pinnalce AWD

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Hello. We just took delivery of a new 2021 Pacifica AWD Pinnacle in Calgary, Canada, and it came with 20" wheels and tires, and I'm looking at getting a set of aftermarket 20" wheels so I can have a winter and a summer set of wheels and tires.

Not many 20" options out there at all....

I found some Spider Monkey 20" wheels on Ebay, but the dealer says they have not yet fitted them to a '21 AWD, so he's not sure about fit.

Does anyone know if the 20x8.5 Spider Monkey wheels will work on a '21 AWD?

Here's the link: 20" Rim Fits Jeep Grand Cherokee Spider Monkey JP16 Gunmetal Mach'd 9113 20x8.5 | eBay

Specs are fairly similar.... Factory AWD Pinnacle comes with 20"x7.5" and offset of 51mm, hub bore of 71.5mm and these Spider Monkey wheels are 20"x8.5", offset is 42mm and hub bore is 71.6mm with a 6.4 backspacing...

Thanks in advance.
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I'm in b.c. I went with 18 and michelin snow suv winters, I'm happy with them so far
BPraim, What's the make/model of those steel rims in the pic above? I'm looking for a cheap tire/wheel combo to use as a spare to have onboard for a long road trip. Doesn't need to be pretty. Just an insurance plan for when sh** happens in the middle of nowhere
These are for the 2021 awd model They are the new 1900lbs
Thanks for the link. Unfortunately it's showing as unavailable. And I'm not sure if they'd ship to this side of the border anyhow. But now at least I've got a product and specs to reference while searching US vendors.
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the 44 offset doesn't cause any issues? It looks like the stock rims have a 51 offset.
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