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Folks, there has been many discussions throughout the forums on the Pacifica's stalling and many questions surrounding what features, which driving scenarios, what models or trims etc. with no clear indication as to what is the root cause.

The most recent thread that I've been following has had a lot of great discussion, and I figured its probably time we collect some data from those that do or do not experience stalls with their Pacifica.

Here's the link to the survey I put together on SurveyMonkey. One difficult thing was trying not to list features that are already part of Packages/Groups, so there will be some overlap in information, but at least the data will be captured. Survey takes less than 5 mins to complete, so if interested, please fill out and provide feedback if there is anything that I've missed or feel could make the survey flow better.

Summary of all responses link. Will work on getting a dashboard put together to make it more presentable instead of just raw data.

Summary of responses that have experienced a stall event: link.
Summary of responses that haven't experienced a stall event: link
Summary of responses that have the Advanced SafetyTec option: link
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