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We have a 2017 with 28,000 miles which recently developed a loud front end rattle on the passenger side. It is extremely loud when driving over rough road, and sounds like a piece of the car is loose underneath. This noise only began after a recent routine maintenance visit, when our dealership completed an oil change and rotated our tires.

Separately, we are also getting a clunking noise/popping sensation when turning, especially when making a hard turn.

My husband took the car in for both issues today and the dealership is claiming that this sounds like pothole damage and may not be covered under warranty. My understanding from searching this forum and the internet is that both of these are known issues, and that there is even a TSB for both due to known problems with the struts. We are incredibly frustrated because the van feels unsafe to drive, so we don’t feel it is an option not to get it repaired (especially with young children) and these are certainly not issues that you would expect with normal day to day driving on a car with only 28,000 miles on it. To top it all off, our tires have worn very unevenly despite regular rotation and we are going to have to replace two of them, which now seems like it may be attributable to the problems with the struts.

Anyone have any experience with having these issues fixed under warranty that we can bring back to the dealership? We are so upset and frustrated. We have really liked the car overall for its ease and convenience with two kids in car seats, but all of these maintenance issues, plus our ongoing struggle with the dealership and it’s service department (who have been rude and unaccommodating from the beginning) has made us seriously reconsider whether we will lease another one when our current lease is up in the spring.
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