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2017 front seat upgrade

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I just bought a used 17 Pacifica touring. It's got cloth seats which I'm perfectly fine with. Unfortunately, my girlfriend hates the seats.... Absolutely hates them! They're hurting her back, neck, making her legs go numb. She can't get in the car without dying and letting me know that she's dying every step of the way. Needless to say, something needs to change so it's come to me trying to figure out how to upgrade the seats. We've already tried about 5 different seat cushions so I've tried the easy route.

There's plenty of seats out there from wrecked vehicles but I'm not sure what my options are. She drove in a limited before and it had leather seats with all the 49 point adjustments and she liked it. The passenger seat in ours right now is manual so can it even be upgraded to electric one? Is there a harness under there that I can simply connect to or am I limited to finding a manual leather seat to put there?

Hopefully someone has done this before. Any help at all would appreciated.
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I would think a better (and cheaper) option for you would be an auto upholstery shop. Have them take the covers off of the front seats and add some additional foam to the pain points.
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