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2017 Pacifica Battery Issue - battery draining fast, sometimes Autostart do not work

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purchased 2017 pacifica directly from dealer. Dealer had a health check on battery. since last two -three months, Battery is getting draining very fast. many times auto start to not work.
have to use jumper cable to start to vehicle

Want to know how to get battery check done? at dealer? and if any issue, will battery will be replaced without any charge/issues?
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Is this a recent purchase of a used 2017 Pacifica, or did you purchase new in 2017? Is it gas or hybrid model? How many miles on the vehicle?

If your vehicle has the Engine Stop/Start, ESS, system, were both batteries checked? If one battery goes bad, it will bring the other one down quite quickly.
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recent purchase in march 2020. gas model. Going to schedule an appointment with Dealer to do check on batteries soon. Then I will come to know. I will update the finding and result once I have a health check. Thank you for replying on priority.
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