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2017 Pacifica Rear Driver side TV Screen not working

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We bought the 2017 Pacifica Hybrid in 2017 but never used the Rear TVs until a couple months ago. The rear TV on the driver side was used for 2 days on a road trip and then on the second day we went to use it after stopping and the screen wouldn't turn on. We used the TV for less than 6 hours total and now it won't work. Which is extremely frustrating, a part on a vehicle should be able to be used for more than 6 hours before it breaks. Does anyone one have any advice on what the problem could be? The passenger side one works fine.

I called Chrysler Cares and it met almost all the parts of good faith coverage except we have not owned 3 new Chyslers. But it is issues like this that will prevent us from owning another Chrysler. In fact between these smaller problems and recalls preventing charging of the vehicle for almost a year and safety risks, we were about to trade it in for a new vehicle (NOT Chrysler). We had an appointment with a different company for a new vehicle when the recall fix came out days before our appointment.
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Firstly , you could have chargers your vehicle as there wasn’t a do not charge issued . Secondly just because the vehicle is over 5 years you think that you should get a fix for free , cmon . You had the ability to buy a extended warranty , and the screen because of its location and storage position doesn’t mean that it’s not susceptible to damage . You also had the ability to trade vehicle in on anything at anytime , you also can still do so at anytime , so let’s hope that your next vehicle is free from any issues . Six years of I service and your looking for a free fix , cmon that’s just plain delusional, you also had 6 years to get rid of it , just saying . Maybe if you took the time to ask if somebody knows where the module conn are or if they encountered a blank screen you’d get some resolution , but your post really doesn’t warrant a response from somebody with insight into resolution of your problem .
I do agree that my last post was heated. But does not warrant someone attacking me. We do not trade vehicles in lightly as this was a big purchase meant to last 10 to 15 years and we try to be fiscally responsible.

However the recall with the lack of being able to park in the garage in combination with events in our neighborhood were the final straw due to safety. With the recall being finally addressed, we will no longer have that reason.

And on the recall recommended do not charge and do not park near or in a building structure.

Quoted below: "Until the remedy is complete, the Company is advising owners of these hybrid vehicles to refrain from recharging them, and to park them away from structures and other vehicles."

Like I stated previously, this opened up a lot of additional safety concerns. And yes we could have gone against the recommendations but that just does not sound a like a smart idea especially when there is an increase of risk of fire for a house with kids.

I do understand that the vehicle is just less than five years old, but it meets all of the requirements of goodwill coverage according to customer cares, except for the 3 vehicle requirement which does not make sense to me. The screen had been used for less than 6 hours which is why I was hoping for some help from Chrysler when I called. Not being told it is covered then followed by a nevermind due to the 3 vehicles stipulation. I was actually directed by a dealership to see if Chrysler Cares would cover it since they had seen them cover several recently that were outside the warranty, so it was not me just acting on a delusion.

And before I got into my grievances with Chrysler, I did ask if anyone had any advice on what the problem was.

The first paragraph did ask:

" Does anyone one have any advice on what the problem could be? The passenger side one works fine"

And to add what I have done so far: 1) Checked the connections under the driver seat to VCM 2) Checked fuse 55

If anyone does have any additional constructive troubleshooting tips, they would be greatly appreciated. We are trying to avoid taking it to the dealership where they will charge a minimum 200 dollars just to determine the problem, even if it is something as simple as a fuse.
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