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2018 PacHy 62000 miles Check Engine light

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I bought the car certified and used last week. I have driven for about 100 miles since then. Yesterday, I got the check light come on. I also consistently experience a strange sound(misfire!?) with a shake in the engine, when I coast and then press the gas pedal. Not sure if they both are related.
Have you faced this before?
I’ve set up a service appointment for Thursday. Hopefully it’s safe to drive until then.
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Help me with my memory here. Have we seen the engine failures reported on hybrids yet?
Negative. I would not expect to see these for many years and possibly 150,000+ miles because most have miles in all-electric mode.

When I sold my 2018 12,700 miles of the 18,000 were all electric. Currently, my 2021 with 12,489 miles only 2,354 miles been the engine running.

The engines from the ICE and the hybrid version are the same except for cams, timing, and a very specific engine shutdown position on the hybrids. I would expect to see failures with coolant intrusions in the hybrids in the future.
I only asked because the OP has a hybrid.
Wonder if they drove it only in hybrid mode or if they charged it every chance they got like I do. Would be nice to know the actual ICE millage vs all electric.

I can only imagine the amount of transaxle and engine damage that would happen in a hybrid should it hydro lock and that high-torque electric motor try to start the ICE.
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