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2018 PacHy 62000 miles Check Engine light

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I bought the car certified and used last week. I have driven for about 100 miles since then. Yesterday, I got the check light come on. I also consistently experience a strange sound(misfire!?) with a shake in the engine, when I coast and then press the gas pedal. Not sure if they both are related.
Have you faced this before?
I’ve set up a service appointment for Thursday. Hopefully it’s safe to drive until then.
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Update - I got my check engine light issue resolved. But to my frustration, the service folks damaged the front bumper. They are investigating the camera footage to see what happened. I’m worried they may not take responsibility. Will wait until tomorrow. It appears like a sharp object that poked a hole.
please advise what my options are if they don’t agree to fix it.
Did you notice the damage before you took off with the car from the dealer? (i.e. noticed it right away)
Did you show them & bring it to their attention right away too?

If so....it should be on them & you should've made a big fuss at that point.
Highly doubtful they'll be checking "camera footage" after the point & you've taken the van and you're back home.

You're going to have to press the service manager to get it fixed though.
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