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We purchased a 2018 Pacifica S (Touring L) in May and have had quite a few issues with it. I am curious if others have had similar issues with theirs. Some I consider major issues that needed immediate attention and others are issues that Chrysler should keep in mind for future improvements. We loved the 09 Caravan that this replaced and I really love the power and mpg that the Pacifica has, but my wife has already started looking at used Odysseys because of the issues we have had.

- Heater core leaking: Just had it replaced over thanksgiving. It was at the dealership 3 times because we could smell it when the heat was on and I noticed a consistent drop in the coolant level. Each time they said they couldn't find any leak or smell anything. In fact, one technician insisted it was the air freshener (we have a portable diffuser that only works when it is plugged into the usb port, it was never plugged in when we took it in). We were getting nowhere until I was able to have the service manager come out. We didn't even need to drive it, just started the van and turned the heat on. As soon as the heat hit your face, you could smell it. I have an appointment this Friday the 14th because even after the replacement, we still smell coolant, definitely not as strong, but it is still there. I have read a couple of other instances of this happening

- ESS leaving my wife momentarily stranded twice. Both times at an intersection and she was not able to do anything except wait for wait for the van to stop freaking out so she could put it in park and restart it. Each time was less than 5 minutes, but it is a scary ordeal with this being the primary family vehicle. Dealer ran codes, but was not able to find anything. I have not been happy with how "seemless" this is supposed to be to the driver. I have to purposefully delay pressing the accelerator while I wait for it to kick on or slightly let off the brake so it restarts. If I don't, I am already at 1/4 throttle and tire spinning ensues. With it turned off, I accelerate perfectly smoothly, just a second sooner.

- Windshield stress crack. I was changing the oil this weekend (just before 10,000 miles). It was mid-low thirties out and I was doing it in front of but outside of my garage since it is always full of some other project. I jacked up the driver side at the correct jacking point using the factory jack. The entire weight was on the jack, but I did have a jackstand under the a-arm just in case. During the change, I kept hearing a pop/crack sound (maybe 5-6 times) and I kept checking the jack to make sure it was secure. When I was finished and I go to start it up, I noticed a crack coming from the driver side cowl and heading to the passenger side. Since then, it has completely extended to the passenger side cowl. There was no crack at all when I pulled it in the driveway and I have checked and I can find no signs of impact. I am meticulous about this van since it is the most expensive one we have ever purchased and I intended to keep it for 10 years. I notice every change. I double check the doors after someone parks too close to me as I fear door dents. I was able to find two other instances of a stress crack as well.

- Drivetrain "Click" noise: I wouldn't quote call it a clunk, but it seems like drivetrain slack. If you accelerate up to 30-40mph then coast for a few seconds, then accelerate again, you will hear a click that sound like it is coming from the drivers front. No issues with shifting or anything, but my driving style has not changed since new, but this noise was not present when new.

- Power sliding doors don't always close the first time, maybe one in 20 times. They close half way and then open again and you have to hit the button again to close them. Not NEAR as bad as the 2009 Caravan, but still not something I expect from a van with 10,000 miles.

- Dash buttons stick when it is really cold out. The time I really noticed it, the outside temp read 18 deg F. If I don't remote start it, but get right in, the dash buttons for heat/cold stick. They come up a second later, but it is somewhat annoying. I would use the touch screen, but it seems to delay turning on as well when it is cold out too.

- I don't mind the shifter being a rotary dial vs mechanical linkage, but it never responds near as fast as past vehicles. When backing out and then placing it in "D" I have to remind myself to wait until I feel it shift into gear. It takes longer than I feel is appropriate.

Maybe I am just very nitpicky with the last couple of items, but these vans are not cheap! I don't expect super luxury or extra fancy options, just that the ones included work to my expectations.
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