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I had to top it off every month or 1000 miles for the last 8 months. Took it to dealer last week, they did a pressure test and told me no issue. I'm pretty sure this is not normal. View attachment 42502 I owned a few Japan made cars in past and never had to fill up the coolant for years. This van only had 18k miles on it
I have not noticed my 2018 Pacifica L using any coolant yet. Mine has about 11,000 miles. I would say that the coolant has to be going somewhere. It could be a head gasket leak if you do not see any coolant leaking on the ground. I would do a pressure test on all cylinders to see if a head gasket(s) is bad. Sometimes a pressure test from the cylinders will show air leaking through a head gasket into the coolant system.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts