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Seems like this is a common issue posted here:

My rear passenger door is having issues, three trips to the dealer and they are as frustrated as I am. This car has 11K miles on it.

The rear drivers side door works perfectly.

The rear passenger door works 30% of the time on a first attempt at opening it. When pressing the headliner button, key fob, kick sensor or handle button the motor will not engage the open cycle.

All you hear is BEEP BEEP BEEP. Then if I press any button a second time, it will open about about 35% of the time, the other time I have to grab the handle and assist it into motion.

There are no fault codes being given. After speaking to Chrysler engineering, the dealership swapped the "module"... marginally improved. It now works maybe 50% of the time on a second second attempt. The first attempt still with a 30% success rate. The dealership "flashed door module for improvements" / software update.

Door closes with headliner button, key fob, kick sensor, handle button on first attempt every time... no problem. Track is clear of debris, no ice, mud, etc.

Any others have a similar issue? Any solutions?

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