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2018 vs 2019 fuel economy

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Hi... new member here.

We're thinking about pulling the trigger on a new 2018 or 2019 Hybrid Pacifica. While doing inventory searches, and looking at window stickers, I noticed the fuel economy for the 2018 is 2 mpg better than on the 2019.... at least according to the window stickers.

For instance, the window stickers show the following:
2018 models show 84mpge (electricity + gasoline) / 32mpg (gasoline only),
2019 models show 82mpge (electricity + gasoline) / 30mpg (gasoline only)

Is the 2018 actually more efficient than the 2019 model, or was the estimate on the 2018's over-optimistic and it was just corrected on the 2019 stickers?

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Most likely an adjustment to real world, although most of us that bought it for the electric portion are actually doing much much better than the suggested MPG.
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