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2019 Pacifica S, 2018 Grand Caravan SE
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Picked up my 2019 Pacifica S in November of 2022. This was the day after I brought it home:
Wheel Car Tire Vehicle Window
Wheel Tire Land vehicle Car Vehicle

I bought it because it was as close to "what I wanted" as any stock vehicle would ever come. I knew I wanted to do a few tweaks to make it mine, but I said I was in no rush to start modding again. I came from a completely modified/built 1994 Voyager. My Pacifica shares the driveway with a 2018 Grand Caravan that's also modded, so I'm no stranger to modifying minivans.

It's relatively quick, handles well, and the PUG engine has a much nicer power delivery than the non-PUG in the GC, so I figured I would just do some minor tweaks and be happy. This started with simple headlight/fog light upgrades:
Automotive lighting Tire Vehicle Car Hood
Automotive parking light Vehicle Car Automotive lighting Hood

Just a simple "hyper white"/"yellow" combo up front. This led to ordering some smoked LED markers:
Wheel Car Tire Vehicle Automotive side-view mirror

Then just before 70k miles, the factory brakes were finally in need of replacement, so the got upgraded to Powerstop Drilled/Slotted rotors with their Z23 pads:
Tire Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle Car
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle registration plate Sky

Of course while doing the brakes, I ended up building a shorty intake for it as well.
Hood Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Grille Vehicle
Car Vehicle Hood Motor vehicle Automotive design

3" to 4" 90° coupler.
Section of 4" exhaust pipe.
Cut the PCV bung off the old intake and installed it into the pipe.

I've since modified the cold air duct and reinstalled it, but initial findings on back to back testing showed how terrible the factory intake was overall.

Stock intake:
Intake temps idling in traffic held consistently over 115°F, with the highest spike seeing 130°F.
Normal cruising, temps held 85-90°F.
Lowest intake temp recorded was 75°F on a long uphill pull.

New intake:
Highest recorded 92°F in traffic.
Normal cruising, temps held 55-60°F.
Lowest temp recorded was 50°F on the same long uphill pull.

So consistently lower intake temps than the factory intake.
Response is greatly improved.
Low/mid rpm power seems better with less downshifting on hills.
Knocked .3 secs off 0-60 times.

With all that done, I decided to finish the looks portion of my modding, which consisted of smoking out the rear.
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2019 Pacifica S, 2018 Grand Caravan SE
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Car Land vehicle Vehicle Automotive tail & brake light Tire

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Sky

And now the taillights are actually tolerable to look at instead of being obnoxious and blinding to other drivers.
Car Vehicle Wheel Automotive tail & brake light Tire

I will be doing coils/plugs soon , intending on using Ripp coils and NGK Ruthenium plugs, otherwise the rest of the upgrades/mods will wait until something fails.

Suspension will end up being OEM+, which will mean a 1.5" drop with 15% higher spring rates on otherwise stock suspension to tighten things up a little more and give a little more aggressive look.

Engine mounts will get replaced with 80A Urethane filled OEM mounts.

Trying to mostly keep it mild this time, but who knows what the future will hold for it.

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2019 Pacifica S, 2018 Grand Caravan SE
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Motor vehicle Automotive design Mobile phone battery Automotive tire Automotive exterior

Coils and NGK plugs on the way. Going to port the intake manifold while it's apart as well.
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