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Hi took our 2019 Pacifica to the dealer today for low coolant in the recovery tank and a sight coolant smell. Figured it might be the tank leaking at the steam or something. Dealer called and said they think its burning coolant no leaks and smelled it through the exhaust. Said there going to do a pressure test overnight and if it misfires in the morning they said that the engine may need to be replaced they said theres a TSB about some engines (head? block?) getting fractured and causing it. I'm guessing its a head gasket? Pretty surprised 2019 Pacifica with 19500 miles never overheated. Anyone know the TSB number or heard about it?
Same thing happened to us.. same van.. 2018. We never drove it once the over heat light came on.. but still the dealer had to replace a bunch of stuff totaling $5000 … and they do not know what caused it. We just got it back today.. it smells like burning coolant already.. they claimed we drove it over heated.. we never did.. when the light came on.. we pulled over , put coolant in it.. and it was fine.. but still, they claim the engine was done.. Anybody else know what’s going on with this particular year of Pacifica??
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