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Hi all. New to the forum here. I have a 2019 Hybrid Pacifica. While I have enjoyed the electric capabilities, I have to admit my first 5000 miles has left me some concerns over the reliability of the van as a whole. Issues so far:

  • Rear passenger door and window failing to open/close using Key FOB or on-board buttons. This was within the first month; dealer took apart door and corrected issue. Has happened "intermittently" since this point
  • Van turning on, but failing to engage into drive/reverse/etc. Screen is on, van is running, all doors closed - but there is a "electric bolt" red error light on the console. Issue "self corrected" after sitting for a day or so
  • Speaker system completely cutting out (radio on, but no noise)
  • Rattling noise that seems to pick up between 65-70 mph, mostly in and around the front console/engine area
  • Idle issues and noises (loud/clumsy shifting between the engine idle and electric/rest mode)
Most of these either self correct or otherwise are hard to pin down when I speak to the dealership or take the van in (aside from the original passenger door early on). Anyone else getting similar problems?

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