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Well, the Pacifica really is shining today. After a short road trip the catalog of problems with this Mini Van continue.

  • The UnConnect needs a service. And it does! Sometimes it boots without any software for the rear TV's - other times no Apple Carplay - other times both..We are experts at rebooting the system with a humorous lottery on what will work when it comes back on again!
  • The Adaptive Cruise and Collision Breaking system all lit up the dashboard on the way home and now no longer work - no idea why. Rain? We had rain on the way home..?
  • One side of the Pacifica's hands free door opening system kind of works - but always throws up a error on the dash about cleaning it - despite being cleaned several times

Anyone else having similar issues with this vehicle? Strikes me a couple of years in that we are at end of life! Our local dealer is a bit apathetic - it will be going into the garage - but if there is any history on these issues it would be good to know,


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