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2020 second row storage question

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Hello all. Recently purchased a 2020 Touring L Plus 35th Anniversary. Love it so far but had issues with dealer already. In regards to 2and row storage, where the stow and go seats go, are there supposed to be plastic bins there? All I currently have there is just the carpeted part that seems to be over the frame. The dealer is very persistent to tell me that the carpeted part is considered the storage, but when I talk to Chrysler they say there are plastic storage bins there but gets kinda confusing while trying to confirm that with them. So are there supposed to be removable plastic bins that go on both the drivers and passenger side 2nd row in the stow and go void? Thanks for the help
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:p https://cdn.dealereprocess.net/cdn/servicemanuals/chrysler/2020-pacifica.pdf That is the Canadian manual I believe.

I love Stow-N-Go. My last interaction was getting ready for a short trip. Then finding the stuff I had gotten ready for the short trip before that.

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