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2021 or later... has ANYONE gotten a map update for uconnect5?

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This is seriously starting to piss me off. No one at chrysler knows anything about updated maps or how this is supposed to work. I still have 2020 maps in my 2021 vehicle and it's almost 2023.
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Does anyone have email contacts with higher ups at Chrysler? Based on PM response I just got from Chrysler cares feel like there is still no path to get maps updated
#_# sadly you've realized what I realized the past few months "Chrysler doesn't care" and "Chrysler won't help you".. I've tried to find emails or something for the higher-ups but all I could find are the ones who already left the company. They have a pot that is beginning to boil and their reps are here to basically ensure it doesn't boil in public.
I did some research for you all.. I don't have a Uconnect 5 system but maybe try this guide?

at the end of the guide, you need to connect it to your computer

maybe this will work for you?
Thanks for posting that. As you can see, though, the Chrysler Pacifica is not on that list. I spent lots of time on the tomtom site and even downloaded the app. USB updates are not possible in the Pac, at least not by customers.

Chrysler, tomtom, uconnect, XM guardian... ALL dead ends. No one actually knows how the system is supposed to work.
Yeah I was just hoping that tom tom had dropped the ball and didn't update their site to reflect the Pacifica having the Uconnect 5 system. I'll say it's par for the course for them frankly though. The 2018's missed 3 major updates and most people probably have no clue they are stuck on very old software unless they attempted map updates because HERE provided the software updates via USB sticks but ONLY if you got the first of the 3 major updates(ironically..)
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