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2021 or later... has ANYONE gotten a map update for uconnect5?

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This is seriously starting to piss me off. No one at chrysler knows anything about updated maps or how this is supposed to work. I still have 2020 maps in my 2021 vehicle and it's almost 2023.
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Well, I have experienced all that is stated here by knowledgeable owners. I have been through the attempted gouging by Sirius and incessant phone calls to reconnect to XM for about $40 per month on my 2021 Pacifica Touring L Plus. In addition, Guardian wants to charge roughly the same for useless services but would display current traffic. So my solution for traffic displays and updates on the Uconnect5 system is Android Auto, which is free and preinstalled on my Android 12 phone. I believe the same applies for Carplay. It was a flawless installation and also works well as long as you use data on the phone. I highly recommmend it as it allows map updates! My issue is that Android will not accept two phones at the same time so a bummer when driving if one phone is disabled. Maybe someone has a suggestion regarding this issue. Otherwise, Uconnect is a fine system and has worked well. There is no way I will pay $40 per month for SiriusXM or Guardian. Sorry for the long winded comment!!
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My solution to the chaos from Chrysler and Uconnect is to simply install Android Auto. Use Waze or Google maps and data on your phone. I realize this is not free as promised by Chrysler as it uses your data but it works fine for me for now. Data is only needed if you require traffic reports on the map. I only turn it on when absolutely required. Otherwise, the maps are superb and accurate.
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