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2021 or later... has ANYONE gotten a map update for uconnect5?

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This is seriously starting to piss me off. No one at chrysler knows anything about updated maps or how this is supposed to work. I still have 2020 maps in my 2021 vehicle and it's almost 2023.
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I agree. I still don't understand why UConnect 5 updates have taken so long to come out. It's been easy over a year since last update. There's still a lot of outstanding issues with the unit and the whole premise of moving to Android was to streamline upgrades....

Now, based on some research some forum members did, seems the maps won't be updated or there are no plans to offer upgrades. Yet the idea is (or at this point was?) to force a guardian subscription to get OTA on demand maps failing over to factory maps when subscription expires or vehicle is out of network coverage.

As always, it seems more of a cash grab on their end, as allowing maps upgrades should be a no brainer, I get they should not be paying for the bandwidth required to download the maps, but allowing to update using your home WiFi or Hotspot subscription (if there's one active) would be an understandable need. (For folks that have no easy way, it could even be done during an oil change for a nominal service charge)

It's sad to see manufacturers still missing the point of seamless upgrades and that the upgrades are expected free of charge same as our mobile phones. Some might pay for subscription, but some other services are expected to work regardless of subscription status.
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Hello everyone,

If there are any questions related to the Map updates, please send us a PM.

Chrysler Cares
I sent a PM long time ago and the response was your team has no clue. Plus what we are asking is for a public statement on when and how will it work. So far Chrysler has been completely quiet on the issue.
I would not blame the Chrysler Cares people, most of the time customer support people are the last ones to learn on information, sometimes from same press release/interviews where customers learn the information. This happens with all companies.

Now, I would really appreciate if they would open internal tickets and report this to their managers so they learn people have this question with no real direct answers and force the correct team to explain the implementation. But seems Chrysler Cares is pretty bad on this and are more focused on 1 on 1 interactions as most likely that's the metric they get evaluated on.

In other words, they don't know and they don't get paid enough to actually dedicate time to find out.
I'm amazed at how slow fixes and updates have come out to UConnect5, the whole premise of moving from QNX over to Android was to be able to push releases faster.
As 2021 owners, we waited close to a year to get Profiles, and it still consider the feature not stable and a pain to use. Over two years and still no OTA Maps, the same glitches and issues remain across the interface.

I understand releasing often upgrades doesn't help and adds confusion and frustration, but come on.... They should release at the very least twice a year upgrades at least until most glitches and issues are iron out. I understand they are too retrograde to one day offer new features to everybody, but they could very well at least just fix the issues their product shipped with.
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