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2021 Pacifica Hybrid Limited - battery and floor mat questions

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Hey I’m a new hybrid owner. I just bought a 2021 Hybrid Limited yesterday. I plugged it in (level 1) for a few hours and it got up to 43% charge. I then had to drive back to the dealership because there were no floor mats in the car. I drove for about 20 minutes, city traffic, maybe 10 miles and the battery was at less than one percent by the time I got there. Is that normal for the hybrid battery charge to deplete that quickly? 43 to zero on 20 minutes?

Also the dealer told me the van doesn’t come with any mats, not even the carpet ones. I call bs, but they gave me some of the nice rubber ones for free, so can’t complain too much. but the driver/passenger don’t really fit -I think because of the big center console (different than my old Pacifica touring). Do these vans really not come with mats? Does anyone know where to buy mats that fit with this console?
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I just purchased the exact same van this week in the Atlanta, GA market and mine came with carpeted floor mats for sure in the front and the 2nd row. They do not include the 3rd row. As soon as I got home I ordered WeatherTech Floor liner mats all around. Note that if you order these WT mats, you will need to order for a 2020 Hybrid Limited as they haven't updated their site for 2021 yet, but the mat configuration is the same. Your dealer tried to pull a fast one on you I think, but it doesn't matter because you really want the WT product anyway!

UPDATE: As Turtlestar7 confirmed, I was wrong and the front mats for a 2020 limited will not fit the 2021 as he stated. I was going off information from the dealer on OEM mats and assumed it would apply to WT, but since their configuration is so much more precise, they don't fit for the front mats. It's my belief that WT will quickly come out with the correct front mats for the 2021 very soon. I'll call them Monday to request it.
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Oh, and by the way, you only get full electric for 32 miles on a FULL charge and then it reverts to hybrid operation, so you experience is normal. It's best to try to keep it fully charged, but you still are getting the hybrid benefit even when your all electric range expires. I hope that makes sense!
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