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We purchased a 2021 Certified Pre-Owned Pacifica Hybrid in December of 2021.
Once the weather turned hot, the vehicle began shutting down when driven ~2 hours on the highway.
Twice now, our family, with children in our vehicle, has had the van completely turn off while we were driving in the left lane on a busy interstate. We had to maneuver to the shoulder with an unresponsive vehicle, across multiple lanes of Atlanta highway traffic--kids sobbing in the back as we nearly missed an 18-wheeler--and found ourselves stranded roadside.
Over the last 2 months, we have taken the van to 2 dealerships on 4 different occasions and have been told they "cannot" replicate the issue for the sole reason that they don't have time to send anyone on a 2-hour drive. That's the reason they're giving us.
Now they are trying to send us home with our vehicle yet again, telling us WE should drive it until it replicates the issue and then bring it straight to them.
THE ISSUE IS TOTAL ENGINE FAILURE WHEN DRIVING ON A HIGHWAY. If we replicate that, we are once again putting ourselves in danger. And also, HOW in the name of Fraggle Rock are we supposed to replicate the car shutting off and THEN bring it to them???
We're also being told they will not cover any more time with our rental vehicle. Two weeks is the limit (although it has been in the shop much more than that over the last 2 months, most of it without a rental), a time during which they have NEVER once done the one thing we have been telling them for the past 2 months needs to happen--that 2 hour highway drive.
We have spoken with managers, supervisors, and everyone in between, both at the dealership and with Chrysler customer care and have been repeatedly told they cannot replicate the fault-- when the truth is they WON'T--and without a fault code, they will not do a single thing to attempt to repair it.
The idea that Chrysler would ask us to continue to put ourselves and our children at risk by driving this faulty vehicle is mind-blowing and infuriating.
All too familiar... The previous owner probably had the same issue and gave up and sold it. Maybe you should go that route or look into lemon law.
It may be easier to accept your losses and sell it...
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