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2022 pac Hybrid Pinnacle charging issue.

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so i have my van for about 1500 miles now. with about 1000 of which is on battery. gone thru three evse( stock evse 110v15amp, one cheap mobile 240v32 amp and a more expensive smart 240v40amp evse station) my issue is that once the van has completely charged(with the 240v evse), the evse keep cycling on and off trying to charge the vehicle again. i could hear the relay in the evse switching on and of as well as the vehicle charging system switching on and off. with the van try to repeat the charging cycle once with battery is full, it keep sending notifications to our phone saying the van has completed charging and started charging over and over. but when i use the stock mopor 110v evse or charging station at the mall(volta charger), the system turns off and stay off once the van completed charging. i've switch out two 240v evse at home but still run into the same problem. have anyone run into this issue or have any recommendation for a solution?

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