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2022 Pachy Red Turtle Issue

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Hellow all,

I purchased my 2022 Pachy brand new on January 14th. I hit 500 miles on the odometer yesterday when the red turtle told me that vehicle speed may be limited, I also noticed that when accelerating up hills that the MPG shot down to 5-6 and the van struggled to make it up. I live in Pittsburgh, and there's hills literally everywhere, and it was difficult to make it back home once the error popped up. The red turtle is gone now that it has sat overnight & only the check engine light remains. I called the dealership that I bought the van from and they said they can't get me into service until February, despite the fact that I can't safely drive the van anywhere. Any suggestions on what to do to get the dealership to prioritize servicing the vehicle?
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You should be able to go to an auto parts store and get the error codes read. Then you have a better idea of what the issue is. Is there no other dealer within a reasonable distance to you? There is nothing saying you have to go to the selling dealer for service.
Maybe @ChryslerCares can be of some help? Hover your cursor over their name and click on Message to send them a PM with the details of your issue.
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Have an ODB II reader & there are no error codes despite the lights being lit up on the dash. All the dealerships are giving a timeline of only being able to look at it in February. I'm not particularly close to any dealership besides the one I just purchased it from, but they weren't more helpful on the phone than the original dealer.
A dealer would be the best way to go. That turtle lamp shows up when the hybrid system has issues. It might have gone away since u did a few key cycles and never drove any significant miles.
My dealer, you can drive in anytime and they will check codes..anytime, no wait
ask if they can just check the code
The same thing just happened to me. I took it to the dealership. It ended up that the 12 volt battery had a low charge. All sorts of weird things happen when the charge is low. They charged the battery back up and that fixed it. I'm not sure why it got low as they tested the battery and said it was still in good condition. Try testing and charging it. It's located in the rear driver's side.
Hello @bastelmaszek!

Our team would be more than willing to look into your vehicle concerns in tandem with your dealership. Please send our team a private message with your vehicle information to get started! Let's work together to find a solution.

And thank you for mentioning us, @peterweb!

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