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2022 Pacifica Fire Tablet Amazon pin reset

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I purchased a new 2022 Pacifica Limited S and it looks like someone at the dealer set up the fire tablets with an Amazon pin. Tried to go in and factory reset but it keeps asking for it, no matter how many times it fails. Is there another way to reset it without trying to track down the person that set it up or calling Amazon? I already reset the fuses and it didn’t work. Hoping it can fix the no DVD icon issue with Uconnect as well.
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  1. Have Bluetooth remote hooked up

  1. Go to devices & software
  2. Click Reset to Factory Defaults (the parental lock screen will come up)
  3. When on this screen press and hold back and fast forward on the remote
  4. This will bring up screen magnifier.
  5. Exit out and keep trying until you get to the reset screen. This may take multiple attempts.

  1. Do this for both rear displays individually
It worked!
Well I'm not sure why you're having that issue. I did this a few weeks ago so it's not fresh in my mind but I do remember having to pair at least one remote to do this and I was able to do it. I'm a Chrysler tech and this information was given to me by tech line and it worked for me to reset a customer's van.
It worked after I was able to link the remote! Thank you!
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