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Hey there, We just picked up a 2022 hybrid limited with theater package, but we are having usb issues. We had a 2017 pacifica with the theater package and we used our usb full of mp4 videos all the time. After buying this car we put that same usb into this car and it says no media detected. This car has 3 usbs up front: rear, 1, and 2. "Rear" doesn't even detect a usb is inserted, "1" detects the usb -- detects and plays mp3s -- but doesn't detect any mp4s, and the "2" port doesn't detect that any usb is detected.

I have read many many forum posts trying to find a solution, and even though our usb worked on our 2017 model, i've made new usbs with ntfs, fat32, different sizes of mp4s, different resolutions, etc. and nothing changes; no media detected.

Any idea what i can do to troubleshoot this?
Appreciate the help
1 - 1 of 5 Posts