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Hi, I have a 2022 Pacific Hybrid Touring with 5k miles. It's one of the vehicles that is missing features due to the chip shortage, for whatever that’s worth.

I have three problems, which I'd like to better understand and get any advice or ideas that I can relay to the Chrysler dealership. The staff at the dealership are nice, but the way they talk about Pacifica Hybrids suggests to me that they don't often service them. I bought the vehicle in a different city two hours away, due to the difficulty of buying cars recently. This dealer is near to my house, so it's convenient, but I wonder if I'm getting the appropriate quality of service.

In chronological/mileage order:

1. Brakes/ABS starts acting up at 2,000 miles

Over time the brakes stopped being as responsive, so my wife and I had to push the pedal down harder to actually stop the van. This corresponded with a frequent loud noise that sounded like two materials rubbing/grinding together. I wouldn't describe it as a metal sound, but rather imagine a phonographic needle being quickly dragged across a vinyl record. My wife and I were unsure how regenerative brakes were supposed to feel and sound, so it got to the point where the brake pedal needed to be pushed nearly to the floor. Eventually one day, upon braking the engine just shut off with some beeps and errors. Then when I restarted there were several error/warning lights that appeared on the dash, so I took it in for service.

Here are the notes from the mechanic:

PTS U0415-00 Invalid Data Received from Anti-Lock Brake System
(ABS) Control Module "A"- Stored
ACC C2227-00 ABS Disabled ECU- Stored
ACC U0415-00 Invalid Data Received from Anti-Lock Brake System
(ABS) Control Module "A"- Stored
RADIO B15A1-00 Media Port 1 Connection-Stored
HCP U1852-00 Implausible Data Received from ABS on D-PT- Stored
ABSO C0044-00 Brake Pressure Sensor 1-Stored

Started by working with code C0044-00 brake pressure sensor 1. Erased code and test drove several times, but could not get code back.
But had a noise in right front when braking. Noticed the fluid was filled past the full mark.
Drained some fluid out and test drove again and did not hear noise from right front but the brakes felt kind of soft.
We got a new hybrid in so I drove it to compare brakes. I found the brake in the new one was harder and even with throttle pedal.
Bled brakes according to manual. The brake pedal now feels harder and is up.
Test drove again no problems and had shop foreman drive no problems. Had another tech drive home and back he said they felt fine.
Subsequently I sometimes get the same noise and feeling when I brake, so I suspect I'll be heading back to the dealer whenever the brakes fail on me again. Has anyone had this happen? Any ideas what is causing this? I suspect the mechanic fixed the symptom, but not the actual problem.

2. Daily Appearing/Disappearing Red Turtle starting around 4,500 miles

I am the primary driver of the van and in a normal work day I drive ~36 city miles, so it's mostly electric miles. Usually only on the weekends, if we go farther afield, do we use gas miles. Probably two to three weeks ago we started seeing the red turtle, at first occasionally, but now it's a daily occurrence. The red turtle appears and then disappears within a minute and the van does not actually reduce speed, although usually I'm going anywhere from 25 to 45 mph. I'm a little weary to drive on the highway now due to this.

So what accounts for seeing the red turtle and then its disappearance? Sensor issue? Electrical short? How can this be fixed? There seem to be horror stories on this forum about getting the red turtle, while on the highway, which I'd like to avoid doing.

3. Check Engine Light for low engine coolant (I think) around 5,000 miles

The check engine light appeared last week. I made an appointment to get the van serviced two days ago on Tuesday, but by then the light turned off. Of course the van sat in our garage during that time. When I took it to the dealer the guy at the service desk read the code, something to do with low engine coolant (I think), and suggested that I just wait and see if it came back. When I got home I opened the hood and took a look and it appears that I am short some fluid. Here are two photos I took:

Vehicle Hood Light Motor vehicle Automotive design

Car Motor vehicle Hood Vehicle Automotive exterior

In hindsight the suggestion to head home and wait was a bad one, as today the light came back on again. Am I right that I'm short some fluid(s)? Where did it go? Was it always under-filled? Does it correspond to the issues I am having?

I now have another service appointment for the 26th (can't believe I need to wait that long), so I have plenty of time to await for anyone's wisdom.

I'm also curious if this is normal for Pacifica PHEV? We used to drive to ICE vehicles that had 160k and 180k miles, respectively, which were actually reliable compared to this van. And if they broke down it was expected given the age and mileage of the vehicles. I'd never dream that I'd be making frequent trips to the mechanic for a brand new van and then posting on a message board for help out of frustration. It's also a weird feeling to be financing a vehicle that I'm not even sure is safe to drive my kids around in. Here take my money Chrysler for this van that's going to sit in my garage for the next 11 days.

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Fluids are normally spot on as they are filled in manufacturing by computers and robot arms , filling is based on volume and pressure . So I’d suggest that the engine light is probably correlated to the coolant levels . Brakes issue is could be a bad booster , when vehicle is cold run your fingers across the brakes and see if there are uneven ridges on the rotors . It’s hard trying to diagnose something when you can’t touch , see , feel something . If the vehicle is inoperable then we n second day ask for courtesy transportation dour to fact it becomes a inoperable condition .
Thank you for your reply to my long post :)
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