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2022 PACIFICA LIMITED S 20 INCH WHEELS 245/50/20-What have you done for snow-winter tire set up?

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Hi, I have a 2022 Pacifica Limited Sport with the 20" stock rims with Pirelli 245/50/20 tires. Just wondering what has everyone else done for winter tire options? Size and Brand? Can you go down to a 17" or 18" wheel and still be fine, or will your odometer be out of sync? Did you install with TPM sensors? What does Chrysler recommend?
Thanks for any help.
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235 60 18 on blizzack dmv-2 or Michelin xice , you can even go to. 245 60 18 on a steel or aluminum rim . Decide if your going the tpm sensor route or not , happy motoring .
This will help you when you compare sizing .

1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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