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2022 PACIFICA LIMITED S 20 INCH WHEELS 245/50/20-What have you done for snow-winter tire set up?

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Hi, I have a 2022 Pacifica Limited Sport with the 20" stock rims with Pirelli 245/50/20 tires. Just wondering what has everyone else done for winter tire options? Size and Brand? Can you go down to a 17" or 18" wheel and still be fine, or will your odometer be out of sync? Did you install with TPM sensors? What does Chrysler recommend?
Thanks for any help.
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I found a local set of 17s for my 2018 non-AWD that had tpms already mounted for like $300. Then I bought some Pirelli Scorpions from tirerack and had them mounted. $900 for the wheels, tires and tpms when said and done. Not sure if the 2022s have larger brakes but find some used wheels with junk tires (smallest wheel you can fit) and get some tires

What's great about Chrysler vehicles is that the tpms relearns just by driving. I have to program my other car when I swap out every winter
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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