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2022 Pacifica Pinacle - charge fault after 2000 miles

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Hi, we have a 2022 Pacifica, has done 2000 miles and now won't charge - tried with both level 1 and level 2 charger. Just has Charge Fault highlighted.

Has anyone else seen this issue with 2022 pacificas (I have seen on the forum this was a known fault with older models)
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Not sure this is helpful or related, but I regularly get charger faults when plugging in at home on a Grizzl-E smart charger. If I unplug and quickly replug the charger, the fault always clears and it starts charging. I've never figured out if it's an issue at the car or the charger. Maybe try that technique and see if you can charge?
Thanks - i tried as you described that but didn’t fix it - the car sends me errors that there is a charge fault regardless of whether there is a charger plugged in or not - will see what the service center say
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