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I have had Sirius XM since 2014 in my 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan. I also have it in my 2020 Pacifica as well. I got my service free for a year in 2014 and then when it expired, I told them to cancel it. They offered it to me for 5$ a month. It's now 2022 and I am still paying that price on both vehicles each month. Each year I need to cancel the service before the 1 year contract ends and re-new it and tell them I want it for the same price or I will cancel it. With that being said, I have put my service on hold when I would travel for extended periods amount of time or if the vehicle would be in the shop. I had my 2014 DGC in the body shop for a month when I put the service on hold, then when I picked it up, the service was still active but with-in a few days it was no longer active. I just needed to call the and restart it. With all that info here comes the info pertaining to your issue. Sometimes, you radio needs to reset itself from Sirius XM, meaning they need to send a signal to it to "refresh channels". This could possibly be the issue. But another thing, Sirius is good at making accounting issues but if you catch it by reviewing the info on your account through the website, they will adjust your account accordingly. Another thing, never pay more than $5 a month (not including taxes and fees) for a radio service. Do like I do, tell them you want it for $5 or that you will cancel when your contract is up. You must do this before your end date you they will start charging you something like $27 dollars. I haven't listened to terrestrial radio since 2014 and can't ever imagine going back.
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