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2022 Pacifica "S" SiriusXM Trial message pop-up

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Hello all, though I'd share my experience with trying to get rid of the "Welcome! Your trial subscription is now active! [Listen Now] [X]" pop up message.

Background: The Sirius radio comes from the factory already fully enabled. This is so the dealers can show off a functional radio while the car is on the lot. When they sell the car, SiriusXM receives a Retail Delivery Record notification that the car has been sold, and sends a code that puts the radio in "Trial" mode. (see: Everything You Need to Know - SiriusXM Dealer Portal).

Then the radio pops up a notification message inviting you to register for your trial. (and get your credit card so they can "for your convenience" convert it into a paid service in 4+ months). Then the screen goes away.

I did not do that.

I called SiriusXM and asked that they cancel my trial completely. Which they did. Erased it completely. When I turned on my radio the only sat channel was 0; which is the SiriusXM commercial loop. All the other channels were marked as "disabled." BUt the pop up stayed. Every time I turned on the car "Welcome! Your trial subscription is now active! [Listen Now] [X]"

So I reset the radio. No help.
I FACTORY reset the radio. No help.
I called the dealer. No help.

Because I completely canceled my trial service I received an email from SiriusXM, "Sorry to see you go, would you stay if we offered you a $5/month plan?" So, I just bought that. And now the pop up is gone.

I'll wait 6 months, then cancel the service and see if the **** pop up is gone for good.

But wait, didn't I get a 4+ month free trial? Yes, but when I canceled it, it seems Sirius web activation said my radio is now no longer eligible. (Never mind that's NOT what the pop up message said... lol)


Maybe I should have just registered for the trial, and then remembered to cancel the service. But I tried to fight the good fight and lost.

Anybody want to go in on a class action suit? :)
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I was having this pop up on my 2020 and I called sirius and had them delete my account and remove my radio from their system and it has not come back in a week so far. You have to be firm with them and tell them you feel its a safety issue. It was popping up over my navigation when stopped at lights so I had to dismiss it to see my next turn, the car should never be having pop ups if it is in drive or reverse. I threatened a case with the NTSB and a lawsuit to sirius because its causing distractions, especially the fullscreen weather alerts while actively moving that never go away on their own and force me to tap the little X to see my navigation. Why do we need weather alerts about upcoming storms the next day. Weather alerts for where you are going makes more sense.
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