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21'Pinnacle charged battery using gas with yellow light engine-> after 40 days dealer ->it doing the same for first minute outside is 30s- is it ok?!

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In general it is general question - I attached screenshot.
Gas engine starts and it heating the battery when outside 30-40s for a minute and then I could drive on battery (again)!

But at the beginning it was on the left indicator - when you on neutral & stopped.
Then left LEVELS from speedometer looks like - gas is on positive UP and battery is negative DOWN like charging when you braking.

Could not say exactly - still no papers from dealer what did they fixed.
I forgot how it must be already!
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How are you having now in colder conditions?
PS. Before during the winter it started use gas for charge the battery and I always returned with 100% battery and bad MPG. And transmission was changing back and forth from gas -battery etc and jerking... Not anymore , yet?!
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I am guessing you had your Electric Coolant Heater replaced? Your screen shot looks normal for initial start. The ICE is running to heat the coolant, which will provide heat for the battery and to warm the cabin. The ICE is also charging the HV battery somewhat. Once the ICE turns off, all of your power flow should be from the battery. Additionally, the transmission changing back and forth that you experienced before your ECH was replaced should no longer occur. Your PacHy is now running as designed again.
I see now the process - thank you for explanation, ok - with exception that transmission kinda a doing same jerking going on (when you at neutral, car still stops after injecting) and process of charging battery?!?
But for the first injection time mostly and then only battery working.

That's additional screenshots from the start "cold" car. 45F out.
As gasoline is on & up and battery as charging and you are saying -the ICE heat coolant and cabin. Why is battery could do that? May be physic or mystery for me. ;-)
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