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Hi, I am very interested in a Pacifica and debating whether to get the gas or hybrid version. Right now we have 2 kids and will likely have a 3rd some time in 2018 and a 4th after that. We will have many kids in car seats...

I understand in the gas version of the Pacifica, the 2nd row seats tilt forward with the car seat installed to provide easy access to the 3rd row. The hybrid version does NOT have this feature.

My question is - how difficult will it be to access the 3rd row of the hybrid Pacifica with car seats installed in the 2nd row? will it still be easy for adults to get into the 3rd row to sit back there? will it still be easy for an adult to get back to the 3rd row to buckle a child into a car seat or booster seat?

I'm trying to figure out if the 2nd row seat tilt is a deal breaker for us.

Thank you!

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Hi silva. Welcome to the forum! With car seats attached to the 2nd row seats, there won't be much room to sneak in behind them. They do slide forward, but it doesn't look like it will be enough for an adult to fit through. That means that 3rd row access will be through the middle between the 2nd row seats. It's not impossible, but certainly not as easy as the forward tilt. We have a Britax latched into the 2nd row and tilt it forward for 3rd row access all the time.
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