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360 Camera issues

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Hi all I just got my touring plus last week. I noticed that afternoon that when I view the cameras on the nav either while parked or in reverse that the driver side camera on the mirror showed it blacked out. It looked as if there were a lens cover on it. I was told I probably have to do something in settings. The next morning I reversed and all cameras were working with no blackouts and I touched nothing or did anything different. It seems only in the morning that all cameras work and once noon hits that one camera shuts off. Did this happen to anyone else? Could this be a glitch or is it something I can fix via settings? Thanks in advance.
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I have had all cameras overly dark or overly bright as the system tries to compensate for an extreme lighting condition that 1 camera is experiencing, but never a lack of feed from a single camera.

If it persists I would have the dealer look at it.
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