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Hi all!
I have a 2017 Pacifica. Since they phased out the 3G service, I renewed my service and received the $G module to use it with the car.
I had many times when the deice went offline. I had to call in do a reset to make it work again.
I was told when I driving between the coverage area it happens often. I doesn't serve the purpose then. Does it?
So the device was not working for the past 3 months. I have tried to do the software update as per the emailed instructions several times; it have failed.
In the pas two weeks I'm on the phone with Uconnect Services;
Day 1
Did the reset with the agent twice, drove around the car. Did not work
He asked me to wait 72 hours then call back, by the time the technicians will have the solution.
Day 4
I called back. They asked for another 48 hours since they did not hear back from the technicians.
Day 6
I had to unplug the device leave it unplugged 24 hours call back.
Day 8
Plug it back in, reset, wait for lights, wait again. I think it was 72 hours again.
Day 11 or 12
Call, reset, drive for 2 days. It should work after I was told.
Day 14
Checked the device; something new today. none of the lights are working this time.
Called again; 45 minutes holding; I was told a supervisor will call back.
Someone called, she asked me to explain the situation.
Got to the point when she told me to wait 72 hours and call back.
Then I lost it.
I told them to cancel my service[that I cannot and I could not use] and refund my money.
She said there is an early termination fee.
Then I hung-up.
I suggested many times to them to send me a replacement ; obviously the device doesn't work.
They just refuse to do so.
So if you don't want to have ending up in my situation, I suggest to avoid their "service"
It is a horrible customer service experience.

Thanks for reading it!
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