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Active Grille Shutter Replacement

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Need to replace the AGS on my 2018 Pacifica (u11e9 code) but I can't seem to find the part. Quick google search shows either part number 68438679AC or 68312564AC - does anyone know which part is correct? I don't think the actual shutters are the problem, I'd imagine it's the motor for them but I'm not sure which part comes with the motor.
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I just went through this. There was a single wire that had come loose. Dealer wanted $811.65 for this!!! I did it myself in 90 minutes.
You have to be good with a soldering iron. See that dangling wire? That's all that was wrong with it.

I decided it was easier to get at the connector from the wheel well. So the wheel comes off....

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I politely stripped the wire and tinned it.
Then I politely removed the pin from the multi pin connector and soldered the wire back on.
Don't forget to put the water-seal gasket on the wire first!!!
Then reassemble, wrap with electrical tape, clear codes and drive around a bit.
My AGS worked perfectly and my CEL light went away after a bit.

For whatever else it's worth I found the connector in question:

Hope this helps.
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