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I've searched, but can't find much.

My wife and I have had our 2017 Touring L for over two years now, and for the most part we love it! We bought it used at our nearest Mopar dealer (smaller dealer, 50 minute drive). We picked ours from the two used Pacs that they had in stock, and it's missing some options that we would've springed for if we had the budget to buy new.

For starters, I wish that it had a bigger screened Uconnect system (ours is the basic 5" screen), and it would be nice if the leather seats were ventilated.

My wife's biggest gripe is the lack of heated steering wheel. I'd like to fix that for her if possible, but I'm having a hard time finding exactly what I need or if it's even possible.

My initial thought is that I may have a wheel that has the heating element, since its leather wrapped. If I read correctly, heated steering wheel was an option on the Touring L Plus, so maybe it's not too far out there? If not, the wheels that I'm finding at scrap yards aren't listed as "heated", even if they come from higher trim levels. So, I'm not sure exactly what I'm looking for.

I know that I'll probably have to upgrade to a different Uconnect system that has the proper controls, but as mentioned earlier, this is something that I want to do anyway. Hopefully, the wiring all matches and there's no other modules that would need to be installed for this all to work.

Anyone have any experience with installing a heated steering wheel?
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