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Air conditioning failure 2019 Pacifica Hybrid

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Our ac quit working on our Pacifica, a must have here in South Florida. We took the car in to our local dealer, Dadeland Dodge 3 weeks ago. We purchased the extended warranty so even though we are past 36 months, we should be covered for the repair. Even though the dealer took photos of the evaporator and condenser which we were told were both leaking 2 weeks ago, we were told that the repair had not yet been approved. We only drive paved roads and have scrupulously maintained the service schedule, and had the car serviced in January this year. We waited 10 days before the problem was diagnosed because the car is a hybrid and the dealer only has one tech that services hybrid. I don’t think the AC has anything to do with the Hybrid systems, but we told the dealer to fix it anyway since it is too darned hot in Miami not to have AC. Does anyone else have issues with getting repair approvals under the extended warranty, and long waits for parts and repairs? I have enjoyed the vehicle up to this point, but after 3 weeks and counting without my car I am soured on the experience. Under the warranty we get 5 days of rental, with a $100 deductible, but that is long gone along with my patience. Before this I would have recommended the Pacifica, but no longer.
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Is your extended warranty from Mopar? Seems like the issue is with your extended warranty provider and not really the vehicle. You should be able to call the warranty provider and talk to them, I had in previous instances and they usually react better to customers than mechanics.

Hope you can get it fixed soon
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