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As most of us know, a generic code reader is vastly inadequate tool for Pacifica diagnostics because most of the information and codes are proprietary. I've come across a FCA specific software called alfaOBD that is capable of digging much deeper into our vans. It runs on Windows or Android. I tried the Android version with a generic ELM327 Bluetooth code reader. I have aftermarket HID lights connected through a relay. The absence of the stock bulbs raises the "burned bulb" code invisible to the owner, but readable by the dealer's Witech scanner. When I read the BCM with AlfaOBD it correctly identified the codes. I don't have any open issues with the van and can't check other codes, I'm fairly confident the software can read most, if not all of them.
alfaOBD can reset the trouble codes and perform proactive diagnostics and programming features. They are readily accessible on the 2017 models. 2018+ equipped with Security Gateway Module, which needs to be bypassed for any 'write' operations to work.
It also supports Hybrid specific modules, I'll make a separate post about them.
IMHO, alfaOBD is a must have tool, both in and out of warranty.
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