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Any recommendations for 20-inch all-season tires?

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My wife's 2017 Limited with the 20-inch wheels is due for a set of new 245/50R20's. It currently has General Altimax RT43's that were put on in Feb 2020. They've got around 40,000 miles on them and I haven't had any complaints. We're in the midwest, so we get a variety of weather throughout the year. Not too much snow, usually, but there's at least few days each winter with snow on the roads.

The Altimax's probably would have lasted longer, but I haven't been very diligent about rotating them, so the fronts are significantly more worn than the rears. Honestly, the rears look like they could work for another 10-20,000 miles. I may just replace the fronts for now, but I'm also thinking about starting fresh with new tires all around, in which case I will make a solemn resolution to rotate them regularly.

Anyway, I just wondered if there's another tire I should be considering. Looking at my paperwork from 2020, I paid $120.99/tire. Now it looks like reputable 245/50R20's start at around $200. So I don't know if I just got some great deal last time, or if tires have just gone up that much in the last 2.5 years. Also, it looks like the Altimax RT43 has just been replaced with the RT45, but I don't how different the new model is.
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What are you seeking from the tire ? . Do you want a tire that has better mileage efficiency, has better long term tread wear , quietness . The last one is always the stickler , what’s your price point .
stick with a Name brand and you can’t go wrong . Just remember that tires for gaining gas mileage will not last as long as a regular tire . So stick with a Michelin or Pirelli and you’ll be fine . If you have a sams club or Costco see what their price is compared to a online retailer like tire rack , etc .
Thanks for the recommendations. Due to the sticker shock of new tires, I ended up buying used ones one eBay with 90% of the tread and a condition guarantee. The seller has thousands of reviews with almost perfect feedback. They were $70 a pop, and my local shop will mount them for $15 each + $4 for each tire disposal.

I never bought used tires before, but I guess that's where we are in this economy.
Just remember when buying tires , new or non new , always check the build dates that’s stamped on the sidewall . My bad , it’s a oblong circle with 4 digits that state week and year that the tire was manufactured ( 1723) . This indicates a 17 week manufacture with a 23 model year run .
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I’d stay safe with the 5-6 max summer /all season and 5 years max for winter with their compound .
All weather tires , just educate yourself on the pros and cons before assuming they work for everybody .

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