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any recommended dealers in so- cal orange county

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im going out on search in my area, theres a bunch of dealers but dunno if there are any favs around here

absolute must haves are 8 seats, adaptive safety, navigation with thearter......dark interior, red or blue color but ill take whatever as long as not white or black

i dont need a lot of the other stuff, and i want to stay around 35g
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Huntington Beach told me they don't change from the price on the website and refused to negotiate. As far as I can tell, they are not a TrueCar dealer but they do referrals through Edmunds.

Orange Coast wouldn't budge from the price on their website until I pointed out they offered the exact same car through TrueCar for less. Then he offered me the TrueCar price despite me pointing out if I go through TrueCar he's probably paying TrueCar for the lead. The deal I took was about $150 more than the offer I had from Orange Coast on a car with a MSRP over $1200 more and a color combination I liked better.
There's a lot of options which is both a plus and a minus. You can configure it the way you like but it may be hard to find the combination. Compare that to Honda, for example, where there's no factory options other than choosing trim level. Everything else is a dealer installed option.
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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